Preferred specializes in commercial skylight installation, providing optimal lighting and fresh air to enhance your building’s architectural design and performance.

Commercial SUN TUNNEL™ Skylights


With quick and easy installation, commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights are a cost-effective way to transmit and distribute optimum light in commercial spaces. The TCR model also offers a prismatic diffuser and an optional daylight controller.


Commercial Fixed Skylights


VELUX Commercial Fixed Skylights are great for visually expanding interior spaces. They provide an economical alternative for creating a spacious interior filled with natural light.


Commercial Fall Protection

VELUX offers a unique screen system that provides fall protection without damaging your skylight.

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Commercial Roof Monitors

The VELUX No Leak “Fresh Air” manual-venting skylight brings light in and keeps heat out, improving air quality and removing moisture, odors and pollutants. An operator hook makes it easy to open and close.