What is a Commercial Retrofit Roof?

Commercial Retrofitting of an existing system can be accomplished through a variety of new systems being applied over the existing to restoration of the existing system extending it usable life. Retrofitting of a roof system is a very common practice and can lower your costs because the disposal and waste fees are lessened. Your new commercial retrofit roof from Preferred Roof Services Inc. may also extend the life expectancy of existing product such as insulation, flashing and sheet metal that is often disposed of in the traditional commercial roof replacement process.

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Retrofit is a Green Energy Solution

Retrofitting can also allow for a green technology roofing system to be added to the existing roof system. As business owners are transitioning to LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) designs, many business owners find their margins when selling or renting these commercial buildings increase in revenue because of the high value of the LEED Certified design.

Urbanland reported in 2011 how a bank in Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank, completed a retrofit. Upon completion, the bank found they had been able to cut its energy supply in half and water supply by almost seventy five percent! If that isn't enough to be excited about, those who have commercial retrofit completed on their buildings are able to demand a higher rent or sale price for their properties because of the perceived and actual value of a retrofit roof.

Preferred Roof Services Inc has years of successful installations of LEED Certified commercial retrofit roofs throughout Florida! There is no better choice than Preferred Roof Services when it comes to choosing a commercial roofing contractor for your commercial retrofit! To see some of Preferred Roof Services' previous retrofit installations, you can view our commercial retrofit gallery!

How to get a Retrofit Roof

After contacting Preferred Roof Services Inc for a commercial retrofit, our highly trained estimating department will site visit each location and through multiple testing procedures aid in determining if your building can be retrofit with a new roofing system or if removal is required. Each location will be assessed by sampling of the system and if necessary, moisture scans of the roof system will be performed to find hidden moisture and damage to the existing roofing system, insulation, and/or decking system.