Residential Roof Repairs


At Preferred Roof Services Inc. we know that reputation, experience and quality craftsmanship is everything to our clients. Our extensive knowledge and professionalism sets us apart from the rest. Choosing Preferred Roofing is the most important choice you’ll make for your home. We proudly staff fully insured, licensed and professional roofing contractors that get the job done! Our projects range from large commercial properties to small business roofing repairs.

Even if your roof and its shingles appear to look fine, a careful inspection may reveal less obvious damage, so don’t let a superficial appearance lull you into a false sense of security. Our roof inspection, which consists of examining the exterior of the roof (sometimes only from street level) and basic components such as flashings. While this is necessary, a more thorough inspection can help identify areas of concern and items that could potentially lead to further (and more costly) damage. The checklist below provides a good summary of both exterior and interior inspection tips.