Project of the Week: The Harmon Lofts and Offices Receive New Single Ply Roofing System


The Harmon Lofts and Offices in Downtown Tacoma flat roofing system was beginning to fail them when they chose us, Preferred Roof Services Inc as their trusted commercial roofing contractor. We installed a brand new 60 mill Carlisle TPO single ply membrane over the existing roof system. A 6mill filter fabric/slip sheet was installed over the existing BUR and then the new white TPO was installed. 

This project has a 20yr NDL Carlisle warranty. A no dollar limit (NDL) warranty is the best form of protection the building owner could have. An NDL means the manufacture, Carlisle will cover all material, labor, and workmanship costs that may occur for 20 years on the Harmon Lofts and Offices. NDL warranties can only be offered by manufacture certified contractors using all products from the same manufacture who issues the NDL warranty. 

This picturesque, historical building in Downtown Tacoma will now be greatly protected from the elements and potential internal damage for decades to come.

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Preferred Roof Services Replaces Roof For Historic Chinaberry Inn In Tacoma, WA


Chinaberry Inn bed and breakfast has long been one of Tacoma's local gems as far as quality food and lodging. The old town construction provides an atmosphere that transcends time and helps clients slow down from the business of life. When we received the call to potentially be a part of renovating the historic building with a new roof we knew we had to provide a product and service that are well above standard. At Preferred Roof Services that is our mode of operation! We strive to give the best to our customers and to be the best in our industry, that is why the owners of Chinaberry Inn awarded us with the contractor for the roof replacement. We are a family owned and operated Tacoma Roofing Contractor that has been serving the roofing needs as a business for over a decade and as technicians for nearly 50 years! We are at your service for all of your commercial roofing and residential re-roof or repair needs. 

The New Roofing System We Installed 

Once we were selected at the preferred roofing company to perform the work we got right to it. We removed the existing 3 tab roofing system and installed a new Malarkey roofing system including: sheathing replacement where necessary, new synthetic underlayment (roof deck protection), starter shingles, Highlander Algae Resistant field shingles, hip and ridge shingles, new vents, pipe boots and metal flashing's. We did not cut corners or spare any expense when building the proper roofing system for our valued customer. 

Our Malarkey Roofing System

We chose to install the Malarkey Highlander AR roofing shingle on this project because we believe in the integrity of the product. Malarkey roofing shingles are manufactured in the Pacific Northwest which means we support the local economy when we install them! Their shingle construction is second to none in many areas. They have the highest concentrated AR (algae resistant) rating of all shingles. This is a big deal for our region considering the level of precipitation unleashed upon our roofs on a yearly basis.

This AR rating helps to fight against discoloration and streaking on your roof. In addition Malarkey shingles have a patented tapered nail line which eliminates what is called "water troughing." Water troughing is when the area of the shingle behind the lamination line settles and begins to collect water. It is especially prevalent on homes with roof slopes of 4:12 or less. The taper design eliminates this issue and makes Malarkey the best choice for many structures. In fact that is why many schools and government buildings in Washington State choose spec out Malarkey shingles on the majority of their projects. The quality of the shingle along with our workmanship warranty makes our product and service a safe choice for your next re-roof!

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