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Preferred Roof Services just completed another great flat commercial roof in Tacoma, WA. This roof is literally right in our back yard! We want to say thank you to Stratton Industries for the opportunity to work as your flat roofing contractor in Tacoma, WA. After accepting bids from many different local roofing contractors Stratton Industries found us to provide the best value and felt we were the safest choice for their project. 


The structure we roofed will be utilized as a small strip mall that will host small local businesses. It started out with a wood deck which we covered with R-Tech fan fold insulation. R-Tech fan fold provides a smooth surface that helps the membrane lie flat and also provides a small amount of R insulation value. We utilized a Carlisle TPO roofing membrane to waterproof this structure. Carlisle is the leading manufacturer of single ply roofing membranes in the Nation. They have a very exclusive group of top level commercial roofing contractors are certified to install their material on some of the largest roof in the Nation. Preferred Roof Services, Inc. is proud to be one those few certified contractors to represent flat Tacoma roofers in the Puget sound. With our special certification we are not only trained to install the product to the manufacturers specification we are also able to offer exclusive "no dollar limit warranties," which provide a 100% guarantee on both material and workmanship. 

New Flat Commercial Roof Installed In Tacoma, WA By Preferred Roof Services, Inc. 

TPO is short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, which is a modified plastic compound that is used to make many of our plastic products such as vehicle bumpers and dashboards. TPO can be applied by either fully adhering the product with special adhesives or mechanically attaching the membrane with screws and plates. The seams of the membrane are heat welded together which forms a monolithic bond which is stronger than the membrane itself. Carlisle TPO comes in many colors including white which has a high solar reflective rate which helps to keep your buildings cooler and your energy bills down. Installing a TPO system is a great investment for your business or investment properties. 

Why Preferred Roof Services, Inc. Is Your Best Commercial Flat Roofer In Tacoma

Preferred Roof Services, Inc. has well over 50 years of experience in the roofing industry. We are a true family owned business with a vision to provide the very best services to our customers at an affordable and competitive price. From flat roofing to steep slope roofing we can do it all including roof repairs. If you are in need of a Tacoma roofing contractor give us a call and we will take care of you!

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