Commercial Flat and Asphalt Shingle Reroof Project at Orting Primary School


Preferred Roof Services was pleased to be selected as the trusted commercial roofing contractor to perform a reroof on both the steep slope and flat roofing systems of Orting Primary School in Orting, Washington. We we first came out to Orting Primary School to inspect the existing roofing system, we found bot the existing asphalt shingle and flat roofing systems were failing to properly protect the school from the harsh outside elements. We recommended a full reroof of the asphalt shingle and flat roofing systems to ensure the integrity of the roof for the future. Our team of expert installers got to work removing the old worn asphalt shingle and flat roofing systems and installing new underlayment and then new asphalt shingle for the steep slope portion of the roof and grey Durolast PVC Single Ply Membrane for the flat roofing.

As you can see in the photos above the new asphalt shingle and grey PVC single ply membrane flat roofing systems turned out great and will offer top-quality protect for the school for years to come. Preferred Roof Services happily adds another satisfied customer in the Pacific Northwest. View a aerial video to the new roofing systems at Orting Primary School below!

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